A little bit of OC in OR

It’s here!! It’s here!! The Santa Ana Winds are here in Oregon!!

That warm…strong…powerful wind….hmmm 🙂

It’s Here!!

I have never been more excited for this kind of weather. I never remember having these kinds of winds when I was growing up here but it is for sure one of my favorite parts about living in the OC during the fall and winter.

Now if I just stand outside, close my eyes, and just pretend that I will hear the waves break in the near distance….everything will be right in the world. *fingers crossed*

With this week being the start of December, I thought I would get a jump start on “resolutions”. Half the time we never stick to them so I figured giving myself a jump start, by the time January rolls around, I have failed and corrected myself to make the new habits/lifestyle changes stick!

#1: bye bye dairy!

I’ve known for a while, dairy and my body just don’t play nice together. And that’s OK! In high school, my Step-Mom dared me to stop drinking milk for a week (my dad and I could take back a big jug in two or three days). I had always had acne/pimples but was never a huge issue, just the occasional break out. Well, after that week…my face cleared up instantly! And that is when I experienced my first break up…with milk. #struggles

Cut to two years ago: I was a live-in nanny and finally focusing on getting healthy and more fit. After years of struggling with my weight, I was finally making a lifestyle change and sticking with it. I soon realized that cheese packs a caloric punch: such a small serving size for a large amount of calories. But to give up cheese? What would I put on my eggs in the AM? What about on my sandwich in the afternoon? Dinner? The Salad?! Cheese was literally in every meal I ate. I saw those calories add up on MyFitnessPass and I didn’t like it. It took up too much space that I could use for a snack!! #snackerforlyfe!!

I gave it up for a week. That was by far the hardest battle I had to overcome! Especially when my boss loves cheese just as much as I [did]. It was after that week when I realized how dairy negatively affects my body. The next week, with the mindset of “I can eat cheese again!!” I served myself the afternoon snack of cheese and crackers. Granted, my boss liked to keep sharp cheese in the house, and I didn’t see the point of buying two different blocks of cheese, so I ate sharp (even though I grew up mild/medium).

Let me tell you: that cheese hit my stomach and it was Bad News Bears. I felt so sick, it was so uncomfortable. But I was still in disbelief that it came from me eating cheese, clearly, it had to be some other factor! So I continued on eating more cheese but at least not with every meal. But when I started to notice I felt sick almost immediately after eating cheese, I had to stop. Why was I doing this to myself??

And so that ended my affair with cheese. At least yellow/sharp cheese. Through trial and error, I found that Feta was tolerable on my stomach, so I began to bring that in as the only hard cheese in my diet. (Goat cheese was always a win! on my stomach). Also, greek yogurt didn’t affect my system. Ice cream (hugely popular in my nanny household 🙂 ) could not, and also certain Fro Yo places. Basically, I labeled myself “Dairy Sensitive”. This worked in my life at the time because Little Guy was allergic to just about everything: Gluten/Wheat, Eggs, Dairy, Bananas, Sesame Seeds, and Peanuts. So there was a lot of Dairy Free cooking for the family on my part. (I am happy to update that Little Guy is now only allergic to Eggs and Peanuts).

This worked for me for a long while, only consuming Feta cheese and greek yogurt. Until now.

At first, I thought my move to a colder, dryer, harsh climate was what affected my skin. But surely climate cant have such a drastic effect on my skin like it did in the first two weeks of being in Oregon?! What the hell was going on?! Its as if me being back in my hometown, my body is acting like the teenager that lived here!? I HAVE MOVED PAST THIS! I have never had an outbreak like this in all my time in CA. Was it really this state/climate that my body doesn’t like? If so, there goes my dream/idea of living in Denver, its worse than OR climate wise! There has to be something bigger going on!……cheese.

My mom, being the vegetarian that she is, adds cheese to EVERYTHING! To me, this is a very old school and uneducated response to being vegetarian. In restaurants: What’s the vegetarian option? Cheese (especially mexican restaurants, which are my favorites). Hello….! Vegetables cost less than all that cheese that you put in a cheese enchilada, bean and cheese burritos (my weakness), cheese quesadillas, chile and cheese tamales, basically everything “vegetarian”. I am only calling out mexican food right now because 1) its my favorite cuisine, and 2) its easy to point out the problem.

Don’t even get me started on cream based foods! They are my worst enemy right now. Just about everything I love has some sort of cream base to it *sniff*

Why the long rant? Well, I am incapable of being direct and to the point, and I eventually have a point!

This week, I have taken all forms of diary out of my diet. Now, I did have a minor moment of sadness when I realized that my favorite dessert (whipped cream….yes, just whipped cream) was not longer an option for me. Tears literally rolled down.

And I am proud to say that it hasn’t been as bad or difficult as I originally imagined it would be, like when I went off cheese for that one week. AND I ate pizza tonight for dinner. Veggie, no cheese, and it was delicious! *Although my mom’s butternut squash pizza looked better….*

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