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The Best Way To Start Your Travel Experience

Traveling opens up the world around you. Why start your travel experience with stress? Well, because I don’t know any other way …

First: Make sure you are 100% comfortable switching between a 12-hour clock and a 24-hour clock

Second: Always account for traffic, especially when driving around LA/OC. One of the only places I know that it will take you about an hour to move 15 miles.

the 405 on a Wednesday afternoon
the 405 on a Wednesday afternoon

Third: Have your shit together when going through TSA, read the lines, and smile 🙂

Fourth: Grab cash before arriving at the airport to avoid the annoying ATM fees.

Bonus: Have the proper currency before arriving at the airport as well. Don’t worry, there will be places to exchange on foreign soil.

Fifth: Board the plane and relax! You’re almost there!

travel to Europe Sept 2016
above the clouds

Now, this advice would have been the best way to start my travels, but like most wisdom, this was trial and error.

Let’s start from the top, shall we?

I am not 100% comfortable switching from a 24-hour clock to a 12-hour clock. Cut to what I thought was a 8:30pm departure is actually a 7:30pm departure. My then generous 3 hours check-in window is now looking to be more of a 1.5 hours. Cue stress and a self made manicure in the car.

Leading me into my second point. No matter how much traffic time I account for, LA always throws me a predictable curveball and add some more. Thanks to Carolyn for effortlessly, at times, at navigating the traffic on the 405 and getting me there in time! And a special shout out to KitKat, my Waze navigation app, for always wanting to take the scenic route!

The third point is more of a shoutout to others: have your shit together going through security. Period. Lord knows we wait in the same line reading the same signs over and over again by the time we get up to the belt, we should know what to expect. And yet, some still fight the system.

Who never carries cash with her? Oh right, that would be me! Insider tip: there is no Chase ATM apparently at LAX, and the restaurants/kiosks/what-have-you will not accept cash back transactions. Now, I personally hate paying for silly bank fees in addition to the crazy high $$ of using another banks ATM. I don’t see why we have to be charged twice but alas, they count of the stupidity of people like me. Don’t get my started on the $10 currency exchange fee either …

The fifth step? I got that down! I love to fly, so much so, learning how to fly is on my list of things to accomplish, behind conquering this trip and sometime before learning how to shoot a gun. Purely scientific, of course.

My life is just about anything but normal. All of this frustration and craziness coming just a day after losing my beloved RayBan Aviator sunnies at a bar in San Diego after the Padres game … or it could have been the CVS where I was trying on random hats …

Bon Voyage ??

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