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Cheers to the New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!

I personally love the beginning of the year and what it symbolizes. We all have the chance to make a change at any point in time throughout the year but with the transition into the New Year, there comes more of a ceremony process that makes it feel more official.

This year I spent the holiday¬†working, in my typical fashion. Juggling two jobs but ending the night crafting with a cool (almost) 7 year old. I’m not exactly sure when it happened but I would much rather stay home and go to bed early and wake up refreshed the nest day than stay up late, drinking, and then dealing with a hangover the next day. #CallMeCrazy

There are a lot of things that I wish to accomplish this year: becoming more organized; having a stable job/income (that might be a gateway into a career??); get my personal health back on track; watch less TV, read more books; try and get my life put together in this little casita oasis of mine; oh, and maybe have a successful relationship?

I came back here, knowing that it wasn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. That life down here isn’t the glamorous one I wish and desire it to be. At least not yet. I envision my life like this:

  • ideally, spending half my time living between SoCal and Denver, CO (or someplace else during the warm months)
  • a career that blends my love of being in control/organizing events and capitalizing opportunities that are out there
  • being able to make my own schedule, workout when I want, have the time to cook food I enjoy

As I’ve been called before, I can be a bit of a diva but really, I just like things a particular way. I highly value a perfect work-life balance and if I get too overworked, then I turn into a social recluse. I believe this balance is possible, I just haven’t figured out how to unlock it for myself…yet.

Possibilities are endless with the coming of the new year. Just like every new beginning, also comes the possibility of failing. There have been many opportunities that have passed by because I didn’t go for them. Currently, one might say I am avoiding jumping on an opportunity because I don’t want to fail. I live a comfortable life but its far from the life I described above. The only way I can achieve that life, is to go for every opportunity.

2017: getting myself one step at a time closer to the dream life I see for myself!

What kind of life are you imagining/creating for yourself with this new year?

SoCal Beach for new year
Happy New Year from the beach!

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