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Four months in, Big Changes ahead!

First off, let me just say Japan was awesome. And even with that description, I’m not doing the country and my experience in it justice. I just can’t find a better word other than awesome…yet.

Here it is, April 2016. 4 months into the new year and yet January feels like a lifetime ago. It may be because for the majority of March I was on vacation, #roughlife of a entrepreneur. But in terms of this blog, when I started and to where I am with it now is like a different lifetime.

  January in OR
So in January, I got a new job. Sitting here in April, I am now quitting that job. That lasted only two months (not counting the month-long vacation)! I’ve just come to the conclusion that I need to work for myself. I don’t mind working with others, obviously that is never going to go away, but I just am tired of other people telling me what my schedule is and being confined to only that (underpaying) job. Bottom line: I am worth so much more, no offense.

So again, this point in the year does mark a new life. Changing jobs, career, lifestyle and trying to juggle it all with the demands from everything else! I have a killer opportunity here in OR so I will be staying on longer than planned but I believe it will help set me up for my future (in theory). With that said, I’m also trying to build a unique but needed business. It’s hard. All the research I’ve done suggests that my business model would be one of a kind but that it will also be very profitable. Now to decide about incorporations, taxes, magic, mumbo jumbo, etc… Surprisingly a lot of fun reading on the material, that’s a good sign!

  Wine always makes work a little less stressful 😉

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