Athletic Abilities

In too deep

So I think I made a huge mistake. I signed up for the Eugene [half] Marathon happening May 1st.

Full on paid for it.

Full on not ready for it.

In my defense: I was originally training for the race before I left for Japan but while I was on my month long vacation in CA & Japan…I fell off the wagon, I got myself in too deep.

I had a plan to do another running streak like I did for December, and started strong running a 5k on April 1st but it looked like my body was preparing for its April Fools joke and I was sore for the next 3-4 days while I was still running on sore legs (the worst runs and they hurt so bad)!

Bonus: I found a new route. It’s still on a paved road but it’s more rural and trail-like without being a “trail run”!   A little bit of Japan in SoOr 🙂

 My favorite flower found on my run 🌷

I started out great and I keep telling myself: just focus on 5k at a time. Plan it out. Take walking breaks…well I know I’ll be too determined to push through all 13.1 miles. Kill me now.

Cut to this past week. It’s been lovely with the weather and what have I been doing? Sitting inside and procrastinating my run. I have the time. I just keep putting it off.

I’m in a funk.

I need to pull myself out of the deep hole I’ve dug for myself but I feel a bit overwhelmed.

  Before leaving for work

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