It’s a wonderful life

I am so glad to be back, back in Southern California. Well, its just for this Thanksgiving week but I’ll take all I can get!

So when I first told my mom that I made up my mind and I was going to move back home, her first reaction/thought was: “Well, I was planning on coming down to visit you and your brother for Thanksgiving.” PERFECT! I saw a light shining on my dim, dark, move north. I only have to last three-ish weeks and then I get to come back down for a week. Runs on the beach, sunshine, warmth, see my kiddos, visit with friends, sunshine…basically heaven in a week. This little piece of information was helpful with the whole moving process as not everything I had stuffed in my studio could fit in my Prius. You know, for someone who doesn’t have a lot, it sure is a pain in the ass to move it.

While I have been back down in California for a few days, I really do love it down here. It’s not that hard to love. And in terms of the holiday, I do love spending it at my brothers in-laws house. So much wonderful food and the view is one of my favorite in all of OC [pic coming soon].

But I know the harsh reality of this trip, I have to go back to Oregon. Tell me why I can’t just hide in my brothers garage crawl space/storage area? Oh, that’s not appropriate behavior…well thats just crap! In all seriousness though, I do want to go back to Oregon, I just want California to come with me. This move has been a very hard adjustment for me and now that I have spent three weeks bitching and moaning about it, it is time for me to suck it up and make the most of my time there. *its just so cold and miserable*

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