It’s actually fun

As much as I bitch and whine about it, I do love the feeling of getting up in the morning, heading out the door, completing my run, and coming back to everyone still being asleep. I feel so accomplished that I need to remember to channel that feeling everyday, haha. But then again, I love my sleep. I love my 6 down-ish pillows and my (now deflated but still works!) down comforter with the new duvet cover I bought earlier this week 🙂

It’s really cute and totally worth the heavy price tag. My old one, the one I have had since I was a freshman in college circa 2007, was finally dead after the stitching was pulling from the seams and ripping off the damn thing. It was quite embarrassing whenever I had guests over in my studio back in CA (which was rare). I highly doubt anyone will see this new one now that I am back living at mom’s (still ugh).

That’s another thing. Judging by my past, it is probably the smartest decision I have made to not drink in excess while I am here. I know a lot of people who still live here in my hometown and for the ones I don’t know, it’s like 6 degrees of separation, Kevin Bacon style. If I don’t know them personally, I am 99% sure we have a mutual connection, and that is just too high of a probability to chance making a drunken ass of myself in public. So that means….yep, you got it: no new friends for me! BFF Jill will not be making an appearance while I am here. Just Socially-Awkward-Quiet Jill trying to keep herself busy to not go too stir crazy in my hometown…the more I say it, the more a drink sounds like a good idea. “Research” at local breweries/tap houses is socially acceptable right?

Moral of that rant: no one other than my mom and myself (and the damn dirty cat) will be enjoying the new duvet I bought. I highly doubt the two friends I have in my hometown will be coming over to my moms house for a cuppa tea, and even if they do, my room will not be on the welcome tour.

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