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Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve Eve.

The only way I can tell it’s Christmas is when one of my radio presets changes to Christmas music and there is a tree in the house. I don’t know why but ever since I moved out of my moms house childhood home(s) I never get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe a couple times in college, but not really since living down here in SoCal. I attribute it to the weather, when it never changes, its hard to register “winter.”

This season I took a job in retail and while it is fun having the income, I’m not too fond of the hours. Beggars can’t be choosers, I need the income and the discount isn’t that bad.  [thumbs up].

Today, however, I was informed that I will be back to square one. Pinching pennies as they don’t have the hours to keep me on. Blessing in disguise because I wish to be working on other endeavors. Surprisingly, I have yet to encounter those “horrible customers” people always complain about this time of the year #lawofattraction.

I set out to just purchase cards and deliver/mail them to my loved ones but today I felt a little guilty and decided to go to one of my happy places, Barnes&Noble and paroozed around. Happy to report that there is an ample Harry Potter section. I wanted to buy all the useless crap amazingness. I settled on the gift cards and left without a gift for myself….#win?

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