One down, three to go!

Happy December, everyone!

Well, it has officially been one month that I have moved home to OR. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a progress report to comment on. But I think the reality of what is coming in three short months is sloooooowly bringing on the anxiety.

Three months –> 12 weeks –> 84 days.

Holy. Shit.

Don’t get me wrong. I am 100% to be jet-setting off to Japan for my working vacation. 12 days exploring Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. It’s going to be a blast even if I will be wrangling some kinds around temples, I will be in Japan! A once in a lifetime trip! I am forever grateful that I was asked to accompany a family I know quite well on their family vacation.

But here is where the anxiety sets in: I have NO plans for when I come back on US soil. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s not even the big kicker: I don’t have a “home” to come back to, come the end of April. My mother has decided to jet off on her next life adventure and live in France for 6 months (I personally believe that she will stay longer). I am fully supportive of this plan as well. She has devoted the last 10 years, AT LEAST, being a caregiver to my grandparents and as unfortunate as it is, my grandmother, the infamous GaGa, passed earlier this year in May, exactly a year and three weeks after her beloved husband passed.

Broken hearts can kill.

Now before I ball my eyes out remembering my GaGa and Grandpa {M&M pancakes, “fingers were made before forks, my dear”, the wigs, the big glasses, the tobacco pipes} *sniff*…

My mother bravely setting off on her solo adventure is inspiring. I fully support her and don’t want anything holding her back from her dream. But I also realize that I am a big thing that could, although I would never intentionally do so, but I am an inhibiting factor.

Cue: Anxiety.

What am I going to do?!?!?! I have roughly….84 days to figure it out!! I would like to have it all settled before I leave for Japan. I plan on not coming back home and stay with friends for the second half of March back in OC. Flights will always be cheaper flying out of LAX than it would be flying out of Oregon. But I need to know where I am going. Or at least have a job lined up for when I get back.

Again, cue: Anxiety.

Three months, people. Its comes a lot faster than you might think…

renewing my passport (ie selecting/getting a new photo), researching companies/families to work for, purchasing my flight to OC, getting a job, new phone, etc {it never ends…..}

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