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One Week Away to Change

The final countdown has begun! I am one week away from being able to run again!

These last five weeks of post-op recovery has been rough. I was initially quoted as being able to run 4 weeks post-op but that was later changed to 6 weeks. Imagine the frustration that can cause a runner! All I want to do it get back out there and on the beach trail to happiness.

the beach trail in SC from the pier
looking back from the pier

As I look forward with 2017 and a fixed ankle (hopefully), I am wanting to amp up my training and really see where I can go, maybe in 5 years time accomplish a BQ. Right now, my PR for a half is just about what is needed for a BQ, so it looks like in the next 5 years I need to double my speed. I know that first looks like I need to finally lose the excess weight (~30lbs) that I have been keeping after losing the first 70lbs. I have become comfortable, in my weight, in my career, and in my social life. Change does not happen inside ones comfort zone, I need to make this 2017 a time of discomfort in able to see the change I want.

First things first, I should probably apply for that job that I am most scarred to apply. It would be a HUGE change but I know it is the smartest career move for me right now and would be the opportunity of a lifetime and the EXACT reason why I moved back down to SoCal.

Final/Random Thoughts:

Bullet journaling? Have you tried it? There has been this empty journal I was given at my high school graduation. For some reason, I have dragged it along with me all these 10 years, move after move. It has blank pages and is a great platform for it, from what I’ve read online.

Trail Running? I’ve been afraid of it for a long time always blaming my ankles for never taking the chance with the whole hazard of tripping over rocks. But the thought of forever running on surface streets horrifies me enough to many branch out.

Really sticking to the “Change in 2017” theme, huh. After all, this blog is called Changes on the Horizon.

 Has anyone else read You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero?

how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life
book cover

I know I’ve talked about how influential the book has been to kind of kicking things in gear. Having the book on tape is a great way for me to refocus my badass-ness while I am driving around OC.

Well, turns out Jen is releasing a new book in April 2017, You Are A Badass At Making Money.

master the mindset of weath
proposed cover

It’s already preordered on Audible! So excited! I often find myself listening to the chapter about money over and over again. Can’t wait to see what is in store for this next book!

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