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A Year Ago vs Today

When I think about where I was a year ago to where I am today, I could react one of two ways:

-get upset that I am in a less desirable place, as defined by my deflated personal and professional progress, or

-love and accept the journey we are all on in this world, believe everything happens for a reason and we are where we need to be in this exact moment of time.

Now, which one would you choose?

Am I disappointed to how this past year has turned out? Sure, there are many aspects that I would have hoped to be different and improved by now.

However, I am focusing on being grateful for the amazing opportunities and situations that have unfolded in this past year:

-I live in a killer place with a great support system, constantly reminding me to keep striving for what I desire most in life, anything is possible.

-I am back to living in a place that brings me immense joy just by being here. Trying to take advantage of it everyday as the ocean centers and inspires me.

looking back on the lovely little village by the sea
Sunset from the Pier

-loving myself more. Self love is so important as I’m sure you’re well aware. While I am not fully there yet, I have noticed a shift in my mind: a greater acceptance of myself. Instead of being uncomfortable and unwilling to strip down into a swimsuit for fear of how Sally Sue would react and judge, I ask myself “Is that more important than hanging out, having fun, laughing and making priceless memories with [family/friend/group]?” No, it’s not, it’s never more important.

-I am lucky to live in an area that harbors so many options such as: career advancements, networking, social excursions and the like. I often have to remind myself to go out and explore my backyard more; after all, people do come here to vacation! About time I capitalize on this area and break out of my routine.

hanging in the pool with friends I love
Poolside Fun

This year has also brought a lot of different endeavors for myself. My comfort bubble has been stretched and forcing me to find new ways to course adjust. The biggest one? Entrepreneurship.

Starting my own company has been quite the learning experience. Previously, it was a bit effortless when it came to getting new jobs, they would kind of fall into my lap. Branching out of that predictability, I am learning to promote and market myself in a new way.

I am the type of personality that upon meeting, I give off an infectious energy when I talk about something that excites me, projecting that energy onto others. My biggest battle has been to translate that energy onto paper. But what is a challenge if not a learning experience? Taking advantage of my situation and trying to learn as much as I can.

Oh, and this was new: I have discovered that I’m willing to open up my heart again. After 6 years of being President, Founder, CEO & sole member of the Ms. Independent Enterprise, it has been a massive overhaul of acceptance and compromise. Turns out I became unintentionally closed off and unwilling to listen to others during my single years.

Ask any of my best friends and those two characteristics contradict how they would describe me (at least I think!). It’s amazing to see the difference of how I am more forgiving in one area and unwilling to waiver in the other.

Where do I go from here?

Thinking back to last year, I was the happiest when I was doing the work I love, and out exploring the world.

While I enjoy the work I do now, I know I am not reaching my full potential. Too many years have been allocated to accepting jobs that were under-utilizing my skills, all to avoid failure and disappointment.

It leaves me thinking “What would happen if..?” & “What can I get away with..?”

Cut to summer 2016: Working long hours, for very little pay (internship), stressed to the max that my eyes were falling out (seriously) and all of it was 100% worth it. I had a blast putting together those events and adopting a leadership role. Enduring all those little annoyances never made the work any less worth it. It’s the same feeling I get when I finish a race: a grueling training process and event, but the euphoria experienced afterwards always compels me to race another.

One would think that coming to this realization would put me on the fast track to securing another job. Unfortunately not.

I also love adventures & exploring. I thrive in an environment where I know no one and I get to figure things out for myself. Traveling around Europe on my own for 5 weeks last year was the absolute best. It got frustrating as hell at times but discovering new places, acquiring an “insider’s knowledge” of a place, was invigorating.

All of which leads me to where I am today.

Feeling it in my soul/gut/intuition, being an Entrepreneur is the path I am meant to be on right now. No one ever said the path was smooth and linear. I am literally making something out of nothing. My plan is unique to any I have researched, which is both exciting and comes with a lot of self doubt.

If I don’t go for it now, then when? What do I have to lose?

loving life traveling the world
Happy in Stockholm

What I always thought was just a reluctance to growing up and constant job boredom, was in fact my inner self crying out to tell me something bigger is out there for me.

Innovation, energy, and a strong work ethic has always propelled me forward in life.

Never before have I felt a constant light about the work I am doing than when I made this switch. Being an Entrepreneur has lifted the cap to the possibilities before me, while every other job I’ve held was boxing me in.

I love who I am today and the journey this past year has offered but I am not going to stop growing, adapting, and learning.

I still have more to learn about my business, self love, relationships, and my physical health/fitness: the changes on my life’s horizon. For at the end of the day:

I just want to see what I can get away with…

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